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Jexus is back

25 influential albums

Land of the Rising Sound – A Roland Retrospective

Truly fantastic and comprehensive documentary from Alex Ball about the Roland music company and its influence on modern music. Must watch!

Alex his Youtube channel...

On April 26, acclaimed electronic music pioneer Amon Tobin will release his first album in eight years on Nomark Records.

The Sound of Orbital

Under The Sun

Visuals for the title track of Mark Pritchard's wonderful album "UNDER THE SUN"

Bill Drummond talks music

Jupiter 8 restoration project

This blog about a guy and his synth kept me from watching telly for hours (which is a good thing). It’s an absolutely fascinating read about the restoration project of a Jupiter 8, down to the bare metal. This is… Continue Reading →


Novation Peak Following on from the keyboard version came the very popular rackmount, with preset storage and the same fat analogue sound. It feels crazy that it took Novation 20 years to come up with the follow-up Bass Station 2,… Continue Reading →

Wooden toy

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