fixing up an Akai MPK 49 controller keyboard

akai mpk49 controller keyboard
My new controller keyboard, all shiny and working great.

I picked up this beaten up Akai MPK49 for 10 euros on the flee-market. With a bit of work I could have myself a nice and cheap controller keyboard. The USB connector didn’t work, the mod wheel was making squeaky noises, some sliders were a bit bent, some knob caps missing and well, .. it looked kinda filthy.

replacing the USB connector

The controller is bus powered or you can connect an adapter. The downside is that it doesn’t have a simple on/off switch. It puts the strain on the USB connector which is now used to turn the thing on and off. And of course it broke because of this.

Desoldering the faulty connector and replace it. Good thing I’m a bit of a parts hoarder and keep these things around.

Akai MPK49 display

Quickly fire it up to see if there’s any point in continuing to fix it. Seems to work.

Further disassemble the keyboard so I can remove all the parts and give everything a good wash. Fix some bent sliders while I’m at it. This device seems pretty well built actually for an affordable controller.

cleaning it up

Akai MPK49 cleaning
Akai MPK49 transport panel

I’m just using some warm water with a tiny bit of washing up liquid and give everything a good rinse.

new parts

Akai MPK49 parts

I couldn’t get the drum pads clean so I ordered it new, together with some knobs and a power adapter. I have to say the people at Akai were very friendly and helpful! And the total cost was very reasonable. Not worth trying to get them on Ebay. These 4 knobs+caps directly from Akai for instance were less than the their caps alone on ebay.


Akai drum pads
Akai knobs and sliders
Akai MPK49

Et voilĂ , a new keyboard controller !