Ambika (phase57 mod)

All the software I post here is tried and tested on my Ambika (with SMR4 voicecards). I’m not in any way responsible for any damage, bricked devices or locked firmware updates. You may use it at your own risk.

ambika synth LCD screen

ambika synth LCD screen

Ambika v1.0 p57
(based on Mutable Instruments official firmware v1.0)


– fixed keyboard tracking behavior on the filter page. It now works the same as when you would set it up on the modulation page (source:note – destination:filter freq)
– added velocity and keyboard tracking parameters to the filter page.
– assigned CC & NRPN for velocity (108) and keyboard tracking (109) parameters
– when saving, name/(empty) are now displayed while browsing for a location
– on the save page I added a ‘clear’ name button.
– changed active parameter to fully uppercase instead of the first letter only.
– set first character to ‘a’ when editing or entering new patch name, works a bit faster.

* all voicecards need to be updated.



*BIN files for upgrading with an sdcard.