Alright, just three more voicecards to do and my Ambika will be finished ! Well, the electronics anyway … playing with full polyphony !


I haven’t yet decided what sort of enclosure I will be making, but since I’m going to use this baby – apart for making music – as a platform for some extensions, programming my own software for it, maybe doing a controller, etc … that doesn’t really matter yet. I’ve got a couple of ideas

ambika voice card pcb

lead bender tool … useless

ambika voice card soledering workbench

Ambika voice card soldering

ambika voice card soldering

… soldering away .. with some Dub playin’ in the background .. sweet

ambika voice card soldering


putting in the last IC’s in the final voicecard, can’t believe it’s almost done, and I haven’t had any problems whatsoever.

ambika synth finished

et voilà, installed and tested, all voices work ! Still have to tune the filter’s self oscilation.

ambika synth finished components

Looks like some serious piece of synth, all voicecards installed 😉 Can’t wait to to play them all in unison.

ambika synth finished

All voices working … what can I say … sounds amazing !!! It was a real joy to build this synth. Now I’m going to enjoy playing it ! I tried to capture some of it’s magic, check out my videos. I hope they give you at least a bit of an idea of how this synth can sound.


sound and video