I need the perfect tools for this project. So I convinced myself I needed some new ones 😉 I got myself a new soldering iron and some other ‘handy’ tools

velleman soldering station

velleman soldering station tip

Something simple, not too expensive, but it works great.

magnification loupe third hands

And I also got myself some helping hands 🙂 I wonder how I ever got by without these.

magnification loupe pcb

some other tools you need:

toolbox love prototyping sticker

YES … I do !

toolbox pliers solderpump

Cutters, pliers, wire stripper .. solderpump maybe ? 😉

Appa multimeter

My old trusted multimeter, only ever had one, the one I got in school hahaha. A while [cough] .. long time ago 😉

Voila ready to begin, just have to wait until my parts arrive. See if that FedEx mobile tracking app is worth somethin .. still no tracking number. Well it will will prolly take a few days. No soldering this weekend.