Okey, I’m almost there. All essential stuff is mounted and soldered on the board. There’s just one scary part I need to do before I can put in the IC’s and fire it up. And that is testing. But even before that I need to a big inspection of the board. Check if there are no faults or shorts in the circuit. See if all components are soldered in right, check polarities, see if all component wires are cut properly, no contact points are touching because of bad soldering, no metal parts like the heat shields are touching the diodes or the legs of the voltage regulators. Again check the polarities of the capacitors. Check check check. And then I can start the testing.

ambika synth motherboard


ooh, look how cute. Quick before it’s mom arrives …

atmel mcu microprocessor

too late, there she is ! And she’s huge ! 😉

shift register

My brainless Ambika passed all the tests with ease 😉 No really, it did. Ready to put the IC’s in their sockets and fire it up !

ambika synth motherboard MCU

ambika synth motherboard

No turning back now, hope it doesn’t explode …