Making good progress on the motherboard .. it’s a lot of fun anyway ! And now that I have the LCD and SD connector I’ll prolly finish it today. I still can’t make up my mind though, about how to mount the LCD. Just solder it with the header, or use a ribbon cable if that’s possible, or maybe just use separate wires that I can cut later. It’s just that I plan to design a case for it and feel that once the LCD is soldered I can’t really play with the height and or angle of the screen anymore. De-soldering will prolly be hell if I use the header.

ambika synth motherboard LCD screen

The more expensive parts are being soldered on, can’t mess up now …

ambika synth motherboard sd card reader

This sd card connector was actually the hardest part to solder, since it’s an SMD part, it’s all a bit fiddly. Could have used a finer soldering tip for this one.

ambika synth motherboard encoder

I’m not a big fan of encoders … they often seem to act up after a while. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

ambika synth motherboard top view

Well, it starts looking like an Ambika synth .. let’s hope it will sound like one.