Some new parts arrived this morning ! Ordered on Tuesday from Digi-Key US, thats three days ! Faster than it takes my local electronics shop to answer a simple email ! (yes that’s frustration talking) The SD card connector and the beautiful Optrex white on black LCD screen. I really wanted this screen since it looks so much better than the one from Newhaven that was on the BOM.

Digikey bag parts

Digi-Key style packaging .. not a single baggy too manny 😉 I’m pretty pleased with Digi-Key as well. Great service. Website might not be as advanced as the one from Mouser but it works. You do need to fill in this form though where you have to declare what you will be using the parts for. For instance it had an option: “Military purposes”. As if … 😉

sd card reader

SD memory card connector from Digi-Key(A101492CT-ND)

lcd screen black

lcd screen back

Optrex white on black LCD (C-51850NFQJ-LW-AAN)